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Order individual cuts of Najobe Beef, Zara Grace Lamb, Rascal Jack Pork. Whole or portions of Harper's Hens. Whole or cuts of Lilli Goat. Kangaroo Fillet. Smallgoods.

  • Other Products Order Form

    Other Products Order Form

    Harper's Hens

    FREE RANGE; NO ADDED HORMONES; NO ANTIBIOTICS; no chemicals used in processing

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Whole Birds approx 1.8kgs $$16.50/kg/1kg
    Breasts; packs of 2 approx. 600g $$22.50/kg/1kg
    Thighs; packs of 6 approx. 400g $$18.99/kg/1kg
    Wings; 1kg packs $$12.99/kg/1kg
    Frames; packs of 2. approx 1kg $$4.99/kg/1kg
    Feet; 1 kg packs $$7.99/kg/1kg
    Necks (1kg packs) $$7.99/kg/1kg
    Livers; 1 kg packs $$15.99/kg/1kg
    Drumsticks; packs of 6 approx 600g $11.99/kg/1kg
    Marylands; packs of 2 $$17.99/kg/1kg
    Sausages Packs of 6 $$19.50/kg/1kg
    Mince (600g Packs) $$19.50/kg/1kg
    Free Range Eggs $$7.99/dozen

    Najobe Beef

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Osso Buco 600g packs $$19.50/kg/kg
    Bolar Roasts (min. 1.3kg) Indicate size required $$22.95/kg/kg
    Oyster blade sliced 600g packs $$22.80/kg/kg
    Brisket (min. 1.3kg) Indicate size required $$21.50/kg/kg
    Rib sets (pack of 4) $$19.50/kg/1kg
    Rib sets whole (min. 1.3kg) Indicate size required $19.50/kg/kg
    Scotch fillet sliced (pack of 2) $$48.99/kg/kg
    Scotch fillet whole (please indicate size required) $$48.00/kg/1kg
    Diced beef (chuck steak and gravy beef) 600g packs $$23.95/kg/kg
    Corned Silverside (min. 1.3kg) plrase Indicate size required $$22.50/kg/kg
    Veal Schnitzels 500g packs $$25.50/kg/1kg
    Topside roast (min. 1.3kg)please indicate size required $$22.50/kg/kg
    Sliced topside 600g packs $$22.50/kg/kg
    Premium Minced beef 500g packs $$18.99/kg/1kg
    Beef sausages: G&P free (Pack of 6) approx 450g $19.50/kg/kg
    Beef offalosages (with liver. kidney and heart) packs of 6; approx 450g $22.50/kg/1kg
    Beef Stir fry 600g packs $23.50/kg/kg
    Premium Sliced rump 600g packs $29.99/kg/kg
    Whole premium rump (min. 1.3kg) Indicate size required $29.99/kg/kg
    Eye fillet sliced 600g packs $55.99/kg
    Eye fillet whole please indicate size required $55.99/kg/kg
    T- bones (pack of 2) approx 1kg $33.50/kg/kg
    Sirloin steak (Porterhouse) packs of 2; approx 600g $39.99/kg/kg
    Onglet (aka Hanger steak) $29.50/kg/kg
    Beef heart $8.99/kg/kg
    Beef liver 500g packs $6.99/kg/kg
    Ox tongue $12.90/kg/kg
    Oxtail $12.99/kg/kg
    Beef cheeks (1 kg packs) $19.50/kg/kg
    Beef bones please indicate quantity required $8.50/kg/kg

    Zara Grace Lamb

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Legs of lamb approx 1.3kgs; $$23.99/kg/kg
    Legs of lamb 2.5 kgs $$23.99/kg/kg
    Chump chops (pack of 4) approx 700g $$24.50/kg/kg
    Lamb rump whole approx 600g $$27.50/kg/kg
    Lamb rump sliced; approx 600g $$27.50/kg/kg
    Loin chops (pack of 4) approx 500g $$33.50/kg/kg
    Frenched racks of lamb; 6 bone; approx 500g $$42.90/kg/kg
    Frenched cutlets; packs of 4; approx 350g $$42.90/kg/kg
    Forequarter chops (pack of 4) approx 800g $$18.50/kg/kg
    Boned lamb shoulder; min.1.0kg; please indicate size required $$24.95kg/kg
    Diced lamb shoulder 500g packs $$29.50/kg/kg
    Lamb Yiros;500g packs $$29.50/kg/kg
    Lamb shanks (packs of 2) $$19.50/kg/kg
    Neck chops (pack of 4) $$12.99/kg/kg
    Lamb mince 500g packs $$25.50/kg/kg
    Lamb sausages with mint & Rosemary (Pack of 6) approx 450g $$19.90/kg/kg
    Lamb offalosages with heart,liver,kidney and brains (Pack of 6) approx 450g $$22.50/kg/kg
    Lambs fry $$8.99/each
    Lamb hearts packs of 4; approx 750g $$12.99/kg/kg
    Lamb kidney packs of 4 $$6.50/each
    Lamb tongues 500g packs $$12.99/kg/kg

    Rascal Jack Pork

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Scotch fillet roasts approx 1.3kgs please indicate size required $27.50/kg/kg
    Sliced scotch fillet steaks 400g packs $28.50/kg/kg
    Pork shoulder bone out approx 1.3kg;please indicate size required $19.50/kg/kg
    Pork shoulder bone in approx 1.5kg;please indicate size required $17.50/kg/kg
    Rascal Jack Pork Loin chops $23.50/kg/kg
    American style pork ribs;please indicate weight required $23.90/kg/kg
    Pork belly min. 1.0kg; please indicate size required $24.50/kg/kg
    Frenched Pork Loin roast; please indicate size requiredmin. 1.2kg; $24.50/kg/kg
    Pork spare ribs packs of 4 $23.90/kg/kg
    Porkerhouse steaks 500g packs $25.99/kg/kg
    Leg roast bone in min.1.4kg ; please indicate size required $19.50/kg/1kg
    Leg roast bone out. min.1.2kg; please indicate size required $22.50/kg/kg
    Pork leg steaks. approx 400g packs of 3 $21.50/kg/kg
    Pork sausages (Pack of 6) approx 700g $19.99/kg/kg
    Pork mince 500g packs $19.50/kg/kg
    Hocks smoked; packs of 1 $16.99/kg/kg
    Hocks fresh; packs of 1 $12.99/kg/kg
    Trotters; packs of 4 $4.80/pack
    Pork cheeks packs of 2; 500g $13.50/kg/kg
    Sliced leg Ham; 300g packs $24.50/kg/kg
    Sliced leg ham, nitrate free; 300g packs $26.50/kg/kg
    Sliced Bacon 400g packs $25.50/kg/kg
    Sliced Bacon nitrite free; 400g packs $26.50/kg/kg
    Speck;whole;min 1.2kg $21.50/kg/kg
    Smoked bacon bones; 1kg bags $14.90/kg/kg

    Lilli Goat

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Full kid goat approx. 10 kgs prepared as legs, shoulder roasts and rolled loins $$19.50/kg/kg
    Spit small goats approx. 10 kgs $18.50/kg/kg
    Legs of Goat approx 1.4kg $$26.50/kg/kg
    Diced goat; 600g packs $$29.50/kg/kg

    Smallgoods (Made in house at Najobe)

    Select Product Price Quantity
    Christmas ham,Premium, bone in $$21.50/kg/kg.
    Christmas ham, Premium, bone out $$23.50/kg/kg
    Christmas ham, nitrite free, bone in $$21.50/kg/kg
    Christmas ham, nitrite free, bone out $$23.50/kg/kg
    Turkey breast rolls $$29.99/kg/kg
    Turkeys, whole , 4-6 kg $$16.50/kg/kg
    Najobe Mettwurst; 250g pieces $29.99/kg/kg
    REAL Fritz; Min.400g; please indicate size required $$19.50/kg/kg
    Fritz sticks packs of 4. $7.90/PACK
    Twiggy sticks; packs of 6 $5.00/pack
    Kranskys; cheese (Pack of 4) approx 700g $$25.99/kg/kg
    Kranskys; cheese and chilli (Pack of 4) approx 700g $$25.99/kg/kg
    Italian Cassalinga sausages (Pack of 6) approx 700g $$19.50/kg/kg
    Brattwurst sausages (Pack of 6) approx 700g $$19.50/kg/kg

    Terms & Conditions

    Pack sizes are approximate only and may vary. Prices are subject to change without notice. Not all lines may be available on occasions.

    $30 deposit per order. Balance on delivery.


    Orders over $380 are delivered free to most parts of the Adelaide metro area (Aldinga to Parafield), the South Coast, Murray Bridge, an the central and southern hills. For regional and interstate customers, delivery is to your carrier's depot in Adelaide.

    Orders over $99 are delivered free to the townships of Strathalbyn, Mt,Barker, Littlehampton, Nairne and Hahndorf.

    Smaller orders can be collected from:

    • our shop at 4,Donald St., Strathalbyn (Mon-Fri)
    • Willunga Farmers Market on Saturday mornings
    • Parafield Airport Farm Fresh Market on Saturday mornings
    • Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market on Sunday mornings

    (Please note that at Willunga and Adelaide markets conditions apply and not all products are available) 

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    For any unwanted goods La Boutique offers a 21-day return policy .

    If you receive items from us that differ from what you have ordered, then you must notify us as soon as possible using our online contact form .

    If you find that your items are faulty or damaged on arrival, then you are entitled to a repair, replacement or a refund. Please note that for some goods it may be disproportionately costly to repair, and so where this is the case, then we will give you a replacement or a refund.

    Please visit our Warranty div for more details.

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